All-In Hoopfest Game Rules

Coach discussing rules with referees

Tournament Rules:

  • Games will be two 16-minute halves for 14U, 15,U, 16U & 17U and a running clock if one team is ahead by 18 points or more in the last 8 minutes of the game.
  • Teams will have a 5-minute warm-up. Warm up before entering the court.
  • Coaches will have two full and two 30-second time outs per game.
  • There will be a four-minute halftime.
  • Overtime is three minutes. One additional time-out per team will be given. No carry over.
  • Teams with less than five players at the assigned start time of game will forfeit.
  • Coaches are responsible for the behavior of their players and parents.
  • Tie breakers will follow the same guidelines as the AAU Point system and Head-to-Head ruling.
  • In the event of a two-way tie in pool play, we will use Head-to-Head competition to determine the pool winner. If Head-to-Head competition cannot be used, we will then use point differential or total points respectively.
  • In pool play you will receive the exact number of points you win by with 15 being the maximum number of points a team can receive (if you win by 20 points you only get a +15).
  • FREE THROWS: There is no 1 and 1, double bonus on 10th foul per half, shoot all shooting fouls.

Official Roster

  • Each team is allowed a maximum of 14 players. Coaches credentials will be granted to a maximum of three per team and coaches must be NCAA certified. Athletes’ names, addresses and phone numbers and other required information must be completed on the Official Roster on the NCAA website or rosters will not be listed in college coach’s booklet and tournament program.
  • Players may only be listed on one roster. They will not be allowed to participate on multiple rosters per NCAA rules. It is a violation if a player plays in more than five games in any two-day period.


Teams are required to report to game site to complete check-in one hour before their first scheduled tournament game. Coaches MUST present valid driver’s license and have NCAA certification approval number. Tournament packets and free parking pass to the Kentucky Expo Center will be given at that time. One parking pass per team will be in the tournament packet.

Game Time

Forfeit time is game time unless tournament director has a valid cause to extend.


Individual awards will be given to the first place teams in each division.


NO PROTEST. The Tournament Site Director will have final ruling on ALL GAMES.

Home Team

  • The first team listed on pool schedule and top team listed on tournament bracket is the “home” team.
  • “Home” team will provide a scorebook person and game ball. The home team will wear light jerseys. Visitors will wear dark color jerseys. Teams must have light and dark jerseys with them.
  • Team bench assignment is as viewed by sitting at the scorer’s table – home team on the left bench; visitor team on the right bench.


Trainers will be available. Teams must provide tape, wraps and training supplies. Tape and wrap supplies will be available for purchase.

Coaches on the Bench

Maximum of three coaches who are NCAA certified will be allowed on each team bench. Non-certified personnel will not be allowed to sit on the bench with team. Coaches are not allowed to wear any type of cap or hat.

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